Brianna’s Baby Blessing

Brianna Baby Blessing Day

Last week we were able to have Brianna’s baby blessing. In the LDS faith it is customary to give a newborn baby a blessing after they are a month or two old. Usually the father will bless the baby which is simply a special prayer to wish the baby well in this journey called life. In some ways it is similar to a christening practiced by other faiths. After the Sunday service we had a luncheon at our home with family and friends. In the end, that’s a large part of what the mormon faith is about – the family and raising our children in Christ-centered homes.

Super Bowl 7 Layer Dip

Usually, we have a “no TV on Sunday” rule at our house. It helps us to keep the sabbath day holy and to think of others. We use the time to visit family and neighbors who might be ill. But, since it was Super Bowl Sunday – my wife allowed us to switch the TV on for a few hours. Many of our friends and family stayed after the luncheon to watch the big game. I love football, and I love to eat – so it was a natural fit. This seven layer dip was made by my Sister-in-law Crystal. We also enjoyed hot wings, meatballs, little smokies, chips and dips and my favorite – IBC root beer and cream soda on ice. Although, I watched the football game I found that I enjoyed the company of good people more than anything.

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