Cub Scout Day Camp

On Tuesday I took Travis and some boys in his cub scout pack to a day camp. The Jeremiah Johnson day camp was 2 hours away in Springville, UT. The boys enjoyed conducting science experiments with their teenage camp hosts. Corn Starch and water was a big hit with these boys as they learned about suspended liquids.

Travis’ favorite activity was the river raft races. He caught on quick and lead his eight-man crew to victory. The water was very cold so the boys were careful to stay safely seated in their raft (a free-floating boat dock). 

They each made a model bi-plane out of wood and had to use a hammer to assemble the pieces. The big hit was the air powered rockets they made with foam and construction paper. On online company called “It’s a blast” makes some very cool launchers that you can hook up to any air compressor.

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