Homemade Applesauce


Jolynn refused to pose with her batch of applesauce that she canned today. Alyssa was more than happy to do the posing. This is homemade applesauce that she made from the yellow delicious apples that Hannah and I picked from our orchard yesterday. Don’t tell Jolynn, but this half-a-days worth of hard sweaty work only used up about a third of the apples. She would have canned into the night if she wasn’t 8 months pregnant. We made her stop and put her feet up, then I did the cooking and dishes (we went to McDonalds).


After we got home from our McDonalds outing this huge thunderstorm dumped some serious rain in us. This picture is looking west to our neighbors house. You can see that it is pretty much a raging river running between our houses. Thankfully our house is on the higher ground and most of the water went right on by. But, I spent an hour or two helping the Blackburns re-route the river so it didn’t completely destroy their yard. Their garden ended up under about a foot of water. The ditches and canals were running at full capacity. Our other neighbors the Bagley’s got some flooding in their basement. It made for an exciting evening.

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