It’s a boy! Due in September.


With the hormone levels skewed at our house we were thrilled to find out that we are gonna have another boy to even things up. Travis and Max are excited for a baby brother and continue to help us think up funny boy names for our new Lee addition in September. Max says we should name him Bubba (Bubba Lee). Travis is gunning for the rural name Earl (Earl Lee). Thankfully, the kids won’t get to decide on this one. Dad is gonna have veto power and is lobbying heavily for the name “Dallin James Lee“.

In preparation for adding another boy to the family we are bulking up on Alyssa’s chicken flock. We bought 15 more Rhode Island Red laying hens this month in order to keep up with the growing demand for Alyssa’s Farm Fresh Eggs. We always have more customers than we have eggs to sell. Mainly because we consume a lot of eggs at our house. Between all of Jolynn’s yummy baked treats and Dad’s favorite meal of fried eggs and toast there are never enough brown eggs to go around.

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