Lake Powell in a Heat Wave

Moki Canyon, Lake Powell

After signing papers on the close of our new home we packed the car and headed for a week of relaxation at Lake Powell. This was our second trip to Lake Powell to spend time on our houseboat share. There are only eight partners in the partnership so we get every 8th week which amounts to 2 or 3 prime weeks each Summer. July at Lake Powell is usually not terribly hot but this year it was crazy hot. Temperatures on the first day reached 108 degrees and we nearly melted.

Swimming at Lake Powell

The only way to battle the intense heat was to stay in the water. The water temps were eighty two degrees and quite pleasant. The weather was clear and nice most of the week with a few spectacular thunderstorms sprinkled in. The lightning storms were fun to watch but didn’t bring more than a few drops of rain. Needless to say we spent much of our daytime hours in the water or getting wet.

Moki Canyon, Lake Powell

One of our favorite places to explore is up the twisting sandstone walls of Moki Canyon. It offers plenty of chances for fishing, swimming, hiking and sightseeing. Many people like to camp or anchor in Moki Canyon but we prefer to claim a quiet cove where we are more likely to not have neighbors. The canyon is popular enough that if you do choose to camp there you will almost certainly have no privacy or seclusion. The week was a nice escape from the stresses of buying a new home and a great chance to relax.

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