Mad Max the Wild Man

Max and his first cupcake

Max is getting more and more fun to be around each day. He is slowly turning into a Daddy’s boy just in time for a new baby sister to completely de-throne him as the center of attention. When he wakes up in the morning he comes to me and either begs to go with me on the vroom vroom (Lawn Mower, Truck or ATV). Or else he hands me the tv remote control and wants me to turn on a football game “Ball, Ball”? which he knows I enjoy. His other favorite thing is to go outside with me to feed the puppies. Not sure if he really likes the puppies or if it’s just an excuse to get outside so he can eat more rocks and dirt.

He is always busy getting into mischief and loves to empty the silverware drawer at Grandma Chidesters house. He loves to play hide and seek and is always asking “Where’s Daddy, or Where’s Hannah” after which he shouts BOOH! He loves to flush the toilet and thanfully hasn’t expiremented much with flushing toys down the toilet. He thinks he is a big boy and tries to wrestle or start a fight with his big brother Travis. He is also quite bossy and will grab anyone close by and make them refill his sippy cup with milk “Bah-bah”! Every day is a new adventure in cleaning crayon or marker from surfaces and mopping messes in the kitchen. His best trick lately though is sleeping through the night which we are truly grateful for.

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