Merry Christmas – Nativity

Christmas Nativity Scene For Children

One of our favorite family traditions is the reenactment of the Nativity scene while we read Luke chapter 2 from the Bible. Grandma Lee keeps all of the costumes and props in safe keeping and brings them out each year at our Lee Family Christmas party. My favorite this year was the addition of the sheep costumes for the toddlers. This year the nativity story was narrated by Christian and Travis, the two oldest grandsons in the family. Our family Christmas party is a wonderful time for us to visit and catch up. We like to focus on the birth of the Savior during our family get together.

Red Ryder BB gun

Santa visited our house this year and left a few gifts for the children. Travis got a new Red Ryder BB gun that he has been wanting for a long time. He also got some Legos and some star wars action figures with an X-wing fighter.

Alyssa has been really into arts and crafts lately and her main present was a 100 piece art kit complete with markers, colored pencils and crayons. She also got an Amazing Allison doll from mom and dad that is more annoying than amazing. A miniature tea set was one of her favorite gifts from her siblings.

Hannah got a brand new two wheel bicycle which she is very proud of. She is interested in anything that has to do with girl stuff. Among her gifts were a Dora the explorer castle, a my little pony unicorn and Holly Hobby doll.

Max loves anything with wheels and was thrilled to find his own Caterpillar front end loader complete with dump trailer. He also got some little people dinosaur play sets and a Thomas the train.

Jolynn’s main gift was the dishes she has been wanting for months. She got this service for 24 people since we are always having big crowds over for luncheons and family dinners. She also got a new DVD and a handmade quilt from her sister. I got a couple of games for my new Xbox 360 and best of all a new American Brittany Puppy.


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