Millie’s Kitchen Remodel


Jolynn’s Mother has been living in a kitchen-less house for the last few months as they are remodeling her old kitchen. The project was quite extensive as Dan had to remove an entire wall and place a new glue-lam beam in order to open the dining room into the kitchen. Dan has since re-tiled the floor, textured and painted the walls and ceiling and replaced and upgraded all the electrical and fixtures. Mom just finished these homemade curtains and didn’t want to pose with her handy work. Cameron, Joel and Jeff have been trying to get the cabinets finished up so the counter tops could be ordered. It will be pretty slick with a big island and bar with a sink and even some new appliances. Mom just wants her kitchen put back together. She claims that doing dishes in the bath tub is not as fun as it looks. We are thinking it will be done by the 4th of July, maybe sooner.

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