More Gardening


Jolynn was inspecting my handy work in the vegetable garden. It didn’t take long before Brianna was in the freshly watered rows and up to her ankles in mud. She was as happy as could be and Max thought it was pretty funny too.


Both Max and Brianna have had fevers this week and are not feeling so hot. Still they love to go outside and help Mom and Dad with the weeding chores. We planted a lot of flowers this week too around the front yard and hope to have things looking sharp for the Summer.


Dan brought us over his old food storage wheat that had gone bad. We took it over to the feed mill where Lane can chop it into our chicken feed for us. The wheat is no longer good for baking or eating but my chickens will get some nutrients from it. It makes you feel good any time you can avoid throwing something out. The barrels will come in handy for storing the chicken feed as our flock grows.

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