One Tired Boy

Max falls asleep in high chair

Max loves to eat and he especially loves to eats chips like Doritos. Today after church he fell dead asleep while eating lunch in his high chair. He usually takes a nap each day around 11 am. But, since they changed our time slot for church to the 11-2 spot he has had a hard time adjusting to the schedule. We tried to get him to sleep at church but he wouldn’t give in. Finally, after we got home and got the lunch served he crashed. He didn’t even finish his nacho cheese doritos so we knew he had to be really hammered. Max has had a bit of trouble adjusting to his new baby sister. It is hard for him to lose the spotlight and he is getting into mischief more and more frequently in an effort to get attention. I have been trying to take him with me to do chores more often but with minus zero temperatures I am afraid to take him out in the cold.

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