Our Ecomomic Stimulus


We our doing our part this week to stimulate the economy in Southern California. Jolynn and I flew out of SLC yesterday to spend a few days in San Diego. Our first stop Tuesday morning was to attend a session at the beautiful San Diego Temple. It was during our session when we felt the ground rumble for about 6-7 seconds. The earthquake didn’t even phase anyone in the session, just a few glances around the room and we knew we were in a safe place.


The Marriott resort on Coronado Island was very nice. The water taxi was FREE and would drop us off near the downtown area. The view from our balcony was pretty cool with waterfalls, fountains and ponds complete with flamingos, ducks and geese. I think if we did it again we would stay on the Southwest part of the island near the beach and Hotel Del Coronado.


I had to take a picture above the clouds on our flight from SLC for Max. It blew his 3-year-old mind that we were going to fly in a real airplane way up in the sky.


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