Our Very Own Park

Annabella City Park

This week we finally moved into our new home in Annabella, UT. The kids were pleased to learn that we have a beautiful city park only two blocks away. Of course, we had to try out the slide to make sure the park was acceptable. The kids had a blast and would have played for hours if I would have allowed it. Allyssa said it best, “This is the coolest park ever!”.

The big news however was migrating from the cavernous 1000 square foot basement to our beautiful new 3500 square foot home. Living in the basement with very little natural light was starting to wear on all of us. It felt as if we had been placed in solitary confinement, but it made us appreciate our new digs all the more. The girls are getting used to their new room that is adourned in lace and frills and Travis can’t wait to hang up his dinosaur pictures. Max may have the cutest room though, it is wall-to-wall Raggedy Ann & Andy.

Annabella is just 8 miles Southeast of Richfield, UT off of I-70. We are hoping to get everything unpacked and situated so we can have some of our friends from St. George up for a visit. Most of the rooms are put together but it seems like the pile of boxes in the garage is’nt shrinking. Three things I am looking forward to are first, the arrival of my 25 baby chicks sometime this week. We can’t wait to start harvesting farm fresh eggs. Second, is the arrival of my new german shorthair puppy Abby sometime next week. Finally, I am looking forward to the Utah general archery mule deer hunt which opens the weekend of August 19th. With any luck I can find some good hunting close to home on our very own Cove Mountain.

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