Park Day with Dad


Jolynn spent all day Saturday at the Regional Women’s Conference “Joy in the Journey”. I didn’t get much done in the way of chores but we had a wonderful time playing together. We spent the morning playing with friends and then headed for McDonalds for lunch.


We ate our Happy Meal lunch in Richfield at the Main Street Park. We played there for nearly two hours and just enjoyed the beautiful day. The girls were sporting some really nice hair-dos because Dad doesn’t worry about things like that. The girls had fun doing a pretend play performance on the stage at the park.


On the way home we stopped and played for a couple more hours at the Annabella park. This is when I noticed that Brianna’s cheeks were getting a little red (sun burned). I should have thought to put sun screen on the baby. The next day her cheeks blistered and she was miserable and I felt like an idiot. Everyone reminded me of my inadequacies as a father at church and I got scolded by dozens of women.

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