St. George Art Festival


We made our annual trip back to St. George this past weekend for the St. George Art Festival. I enjoy helping my Dad get his watercolor art booth set up for the art show. He had some beautiful new pieces on display. The weather was splendid and we got to spend some time with family and friends. After Dad and I finished the booth setup we went up to Paula’s Cazuela for our traditional father-son dinner. The food is mediocre at best but the memories are superb. I took Travis and Max to see the fire trucks and Station 7 and got to visit with some of my old firefighting friends.


Enroute to SG we stopped in Cedar City to have lunch with Jodi and to play with our cousins at the Discovery Park. The kids had a blast and it was a good break to the long drive. The wind was howling at the park and we got a little cold. When we hit St. George we visited Fabulous Freddies and got the car properly washed. Then we went to Jedora to visit with all of our friends in our old neighborhood. The kids jumped right in and played for hours. Jolynn had fun chatting with Rebecca and Louise. We learned that Jolynn is not the only one expecting a new baby in the fall. Congrats Becca! Also, we got to see cute little baby Tessa Marchant. Jolynn thinks Tessa is a good name for our new baby. I’m holding out for a boy. Couldn’t tell at the ultrasound. We’ll find out at our next Dr. visit. We’re just thrilled that all is well, a heartbeat is a beautiful thing. When we finally got to Mom’s house she had a Sunday roast and potato feast prepared.


Ellie and Zach and Max were acting so silly at the art festival. They all had snowcone faces and rolled down the grassy hill all afternoon. The new downtown area is wonderful for kids with some kid friendly water features and wading pools. We enjoyed the new layout of the art festival and there was plenty of seating for when you got tired of walking. The kids enjoyed the crafts and the food was yummy as always at the food court. Just after lunch we loaded up and headed for home. The kids all slept.


When we got home we went to Grandma Chidesters and baked up the trout that we caught earlier in the week at Otter Creek. Bill called me and said that the ice was off so I had to give it a try. When we got there we had to throw some rocks but there was plenty of open water. Bill’s hand-tied black maribou jigs were the hot item. The fillets baked up nicely in Millie’s new double ovens and we had seasoned potato wedges with the trout and asparagus. We like to eat yummy food.

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