Travis the Fighter Pilot

Travis in a flight helmet

Okay, so it wasn’t a fighter pilot helmet. It was a helmet from a helicopter doing contract work with the US Forest Service. Our friend has spent the past week in a helicopter looking for and counting Hawk Nests. Travis got to try the helmet on and pretend that he was top gun. I think Travis was thinking more along the lines of a storm trooper or something else from Star Wars. We have already enjoyed so many wonderful experiences in the few short months we have lived in rural Utah. Everyday, I wake up and feel fortunate to live and raise my family in such a wonderful place.

This past week we were blessed to have dinner with my brother-in-law Adam Robinson who was on his two week leave from Afghanistan. His family was glad to have their Dad home for a few short days before he heads back to the Middle East. We appreciate all the men and women of the armed forces that sacrifice so much for all of us. It makes me treasure our freedom and our Country even more to know the enormous sacrifices of so many honorable men and women and their families. Our family prays for their safety each day.

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