Travis the Wrestler

Travis Wrestling Medal

Travis surprised us one day when he asked if he could signup for junior wrestling. Since I was not involved much in sports in my youth I haven’t pushed him much either way. Wrestling is the last sport I would have chose. But, he wanted to do it so we signed him up. I went with him to each practice and felt bad that I couldn’t coach him like the other dads were doing. He had fun with his friends and learned the basic moves. After 6 weeks of practices he had his first tournament.

Travis Wrestling Stance

It was an eye-opening experience for both of us. Hundreds of youth from several counties converged at the high school gym for an all-day tournament. Travis got pinned in his first match. But, he did much better in his second match and ended up thrid place in his weight class. I am always amazed how intense and demanding a lot of the super-jock parents are. After watching several parents embarass themselves, I pledged to never get that way myself. The main point was that Travis had fun.

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